Accredited Investors

Star Bridge Global Investments LLC (dba "Morales Brands" or "Morales Brands Holdings") is an accredited institutional investor. Furthermore, the stockholders and/or members of Star Bridge Globla Investments are accredited investors individually.

Notice to Potential Investors or Future Business Owners

You should be aware that certain types of investments might carry greater investment risk than others. These include smaller companies, startups, or niche companies. Investment in the securities of smaller companies can involve greater risk than is generally associated with investment in larger, more established companies that can result in significant capital losses that may have a detrimental effect on the value of the investment.

You should not invest or start a business unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested plus any commission or other transaction charges. Investments are considered a complete risk and should only be made if you are prepared for the good and the bad potential outcomes.


When Morales Brands is interested in acquiring your business (in whole or in part) your company will receive a letter expressing interest, this is a non-binding proposal and will include information on how to proceed. Typically, we will ask for non-complete, partially detailed items like financial snapshots, business structure, total number of customers, employees, inventory, assets, etc. Occasionally we will ask for some additional information in detail before moving to the next process. Once we review and determine that we are ready to commit we will send you a Letter of Intent, which details our terms for acquiring your business. The Letter of Intent will be based on the proposal initially sent and will include our final intentions on the acquisition based on the information received. In the Letter of Intent, you will have instructions and deadlines to provide us access to any and all information as process of due diligence. Upon successful completion of the due diligence process within the time and terms specified in the Letter of Intent, legal documents will be drawn and prepared for signing.